Artists at Seed

We are fortunate enough to be in the midst of many talented artists and are able to adorn our walls with new artwork every 6 weeks. Artwork is always for sale, please ask at the bar to register your interest.

This month we are pleased to present Julia Andrews-Clifford.

Julia Andrews-Clifford is a photomontage artist with a studio in the seaside town of Hastings.  After 10 years at the British Film Institute, she studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and
Design.  Julia exhibits frequently in London and the South East and teaches photomontage workshops at art galleries and museums including The Jerwood Gallery.

About the Work

Ripping images and text from vintage paper advertising and magazines, and using traditional cut-and-paste techniques she creates surrealist
images that disrupt and subvert their original intent.  Her work flips between the personal and political, exploring the shifting tensions between
anonymity, celebrity and personal identity in real and imagined people’s lives.

For more information or to register interest, check out her website here.

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