Sharing plates and sharing tables … intimate is how we like it. 

Jo & Jamie, established Pomegranate, well known local restaurant in 2005.  SEED has evolved in response to the changing times and the eating experience.

Order a few small plates, and maybe a few more in a while!  Relax, sip a drink, and enjoy a chilled and vibrant atmosphere.  (Chef) Jamie offers a tapas menu with interesting flavours and quality classic dishes that stand out from the crowd.

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So from the Pomegranate has sprung the SEED, a bustling & delicious social to be had by all.

Opening Hours

Thursday   5pm-11pm

Friday         5pm-12am

Saturday    12pm-12am

Sunday       12pm-11pm

Kitchen Open Late   


What’s on at SEED 
Late night fringe entertainment held regularly: if bohemian beatnik entertainment floats your boat then check out our facebook page for more information on upcoming events.